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"I would just like to say thank you for all you do!!! Your goal and efforts are truly amazing!!!! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2016. In a matter of two weeks, we went from finding out it was cancer to hearing the horrific news that it was stage 4 cancer that had spread to her bones. With my mom being only 50 and no other health issues, they allowed her to shoot for the moon and go with the aggressive treatment plan. She has undergone chemo and surgery. She is currently continuing hormone therapy as she prepares for a lengthy regimen of radiation. She recently received more bad news that the pathology report from surgery shows that the cancer has spread to the neck and collar bone area. We continue to pray for a miracle!!! Hoping that she has enough time for someone to find a cure!!!  When I found out about your efforts, I was absolutely taken back by your generosity and the hope and love you provide these women with. I had my children help me decide what package was best for their grandma. We kept a big secret! She called us a few days later crying in appreciation for the items she had received. She wears them proudly! As proud as I am, when I wear my Pink It Forward gear! There is another local lady that is going through treatment for stage 2 breast cancer. She doesn't have family but I informed her neighbor about it and they sent her a package as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks for providing these women with courage, appreciation, love, understanding, and nurture. Thanks for stepping up and setting such an example. Thanks for being the strength these women and their families need to keep putting up such a courageous battle!!!! You have truly inspired me and my family to want to do and learn more!!!" 

- Ashley A.

"Thank you so much for my care package I received! So thoughtful ❤  It made my day" 

- Amber D.

"Received my care package today and just wanted to say thank you so much!!  Sometimes it's the little things that can change your whole day. I'm so very impressed with your organization. Please let me know how to help Pink it Forward.  Thank you again!!"

- Reagan Y.

"Your package arrived today. Your generous ,thoughtful gift touched my heart.   May your blessing overflow back to you ! Thank you!"

- Debra K.

"Thank you for my package.  It is perfect and I will bring my Pink It Forward bag all packed up, for bilateral mastectomy w/reconstruction on Feb 24.  This is probably one of the most practical ideas I have seen for women with breast cancer.  Thank you for making a difference."

- Codi N.

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